The Michel Cremer Fund is a public utility foundation that aims to support research between doctors, engineers and other scientists in developing customized equipment to meet needs. The chairman is Prof. Jacques Devière, head of Gastro-enterology at Erasmus Hospital.

The collaboration between doctors in the department of gastroenterology at Erasmus Hospital and the engineers of the Brussels Polytechnic School has been in place for 20 years : It has contributed to the creation of spin-off companies (Endotools Therapeutics in collaboration with the gastrologie department of Erasmus and more recently Lys Medical, in particular in cooperation with Prof. Sutter of St. Lucas Ziekenhuis), both medical devices, arise from scientific research, design, develop and produce. This cooperation also led 10 years ago to the creation of a new medical engineering training center, which leads engineers to understand the needs of doctors and healthcare staff and to offer adapted medical devices: Today all Belgian polytechnical colleges have this training course.

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