Commit to the Michel Cremer Foundation

It is helping to save lives by financing the development of medical device and thus affirming the social responsibility of your company.

There are several ways to support the Michel Cremer Foundation. We would be happy to speak to you about the partnership that most resembles your business. Here are some examples:

Support us through the involvement of your employees

You can encourage your  employees matching program giving time and enthusiasm, in their area of expertise (IT, Communication, project management, etc.), to support the Michel Cremer Foundation.

Help us spread our message

Do you have a company newspaper, a website, a newsletter, an e-mailing campaign, or any other form of media space? Help us spread our message and awareness campaigns to advertise our work.

Support us through an event

You can organize an event to benefit the Michel Cremer Foundation (tombola, fund-raise,). You can also associate your company with the events we set up or in which we participate (Biketour, 20 km of Brussels, …).

Connecting the foundation with some of your products or services

The public appreciates companies that, through their products or services, associate with philanthropic organizations, for example by giving them a part of their revenue on sales of a product or a range of products. You establish a solidarity partnership between your company, your customers, and the Michel Cremer Foundation.


Your help to our organization by direct financial assistance, sponsorship or through in-kind contribution, will support our work.

Tailor-made collaboration

Should you decide to support us, all options are open. We suggest speaking and making,decisions together.

Do not hesitate to get in touch.
Contact us on 02/6726236  or  0475/531638