Chargement Évènements
Cet évènement est passé
– 27th of May at 10:00 AM ;

– team: “Fondation Michel Cremer”;

– contact us if interested!

As you know, some of the researchers of the team work on the development of gastroenterology devices, together with physicians of Hopital Erasme.

To enable patients that were grateful for their operation to support it, this service of gastroenterology has created a foundation (called the “Fondation Michel Cremer”, after the name of a previous and successful head of department. Website). The goals of this structure is to promote the innovation in gastroenterology, through granting and supporting research projects in the field, especially in the teamwork of physician and engineers.

So we decided to create a team for the 20km of Brussels, that will take place one the 27th of May. The idea is at least to support the foundation and making people hear about it, but you can also find sponsors by your friends for instance (don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to have some ideas).

In any ways, if you run for the Michel Cremer foundation, you will only be asked to wear the T-shirt with the logo of the foundation that we will provide you (i.e. sport T-shirt with the logo): the only thing to do is to give us your size.

Contact us if you are interested, even if you already subscribed to another team and want to change !